Mainstream adopter VS early-adopter differences. The Iphone Story.

A real example on how the customer characteristics and needs change as the category matures.

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Lately, I've been experimenting with new micro-blog stories in LinkedIn, Twitter and a new microblogs tool. The last story was published with a friendly presentation and key takeaways.

I said to myself: why not including the microblog stories and content in Escape Velocity's newsletter? I think you might enjoy this format as they are easy-to-read posts and always come with strategy, innovation, marketing, leadership, or product key takeaways to help you succeed with your tech-based business/product.

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Last Saturday, I went with my mom to change her 3-year-old Samsung for an iPhone 12. 

I was the one influencing her new purchase.

Mainstream needs to validate tech purchases by known local buyers. They don't like to be the first. 

I recommended my mom to go to the Apple Store (specialist)... 

...she picked to go to a well-known big retailer (generalist). 

✅ Familiar channels are a must when competing in the mainstream.

I asked her why she wanted to go to the big retailer instead of Apple Store. 

I observed.

Rather than buying an insolated core product (Iphone), she was buying a whole product that the big retailer was offering:

  • Flexible and free financial services

  • Migration from android to IOS

  • Free insurance packs

  • Transactional & generalist conversation

  • The Iphone

She decided on safety and low risk over product specialization (Apple Store).

✅ Build differentiation and reduce risk perception with a whole product to jump into the mainstream and achieve exponential growth.

What intangibles are you building to differentiate your offering?

How are you adapting your GoToMarket to reach + sell to the next wave of adopters?

Your tech-business + product should be dynamic and be adapted to the technology adoption lifecycle stage of your market-cagegory to achieve sustainable growth.

This is a consumer story, but it works the same way to for tech products/services in B2B.

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